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You shine so bright it's insane...

You put the sun to shame.

21 November 1979
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Michelle Lynn. Thirty Three. Arnold, MO via St. Louis, MO. Wife. Mother. Daughter. Big Sister. Granddaughter. Niece. Cousin. Godmother. Best Friend. Bookworm. Hypothyroidism. Hemolytic anemia. Road Rage. Music freak. Moderate liberal. Writer. Snarky. Bossy. Control Freak. Crazy awesome.

Reading. Writing. Poetry. Literature. Music. Good friends. Geeky things. The color pink. Procrastinating. Interwebs. Adam Levine. Lemonheads. Pinterest. True Blood. Dark Chocolate. New notebooks. Cold weather. Flip flops. Purses. Paint Shop Pro. Thunder storms. Tumblr. Late nights. Laughing. King-size beds. World of Warcarft. Sleeping. Being right. Really good coffee. The Walking Dead. Worthy causes. Room-darkening shades. DVR. iPhone. Texting.

Spiders. Birds. Heights. Elevators. Rudeness. Stupidity. Ignorance. Watermelon. Milk Chocolate. Girly girls. Blue colored food. Lack of table manners. Houses painted colors houses ought not to be painted. Undercooked meat. Being hot. Indifference. Talking on the phone. Lousy drivers. Inappropriate neediness. Arrogance. Sandals worn with socks (particularly in winter).

30 minute meals, 80's music, adam levine, animal rights, anti-death knight, anti-homophobia, anti-war, apple pucker, autumn, barney stinson, beagles, ben affleck, big bang theory, blackberry merlot, blood elf paladin, blood elf priest, blood elves, books, burritos, candles, cats, cheese, cheesy love songs, chicken mcnuggets, chicken salad, chinese food, circle of healing, coloring, cookies, cows, creativity, cuddling, dark chocolate, digital scrapbooking, dreams, driving, dvr, fabulosity, facebook, family, flip flops, food, food network, friends, frost mage, good pizza, happiness, hazelnuts, hgtv, himym, holy priest, honesty, horde, horror movies, hugs, humor, insomnia, ipod, journaling, kanye west, karma, kimora lee simmons, kisses, laughing, lemon drops, life, lip gloss, lotion, love, marriage, memories, movies, mr. potato head, music, my dad, my daughter, my family, my friends, my husband, my mom, my siblings, my sons, new girl, night, nkotb, ohnotheydidnt, on-line friends, paladin, photos, pink, pinterest, playing with my kids, poetry, popcorn, purses, raid healing, raiding, robert pattinson, salt and vinegar chips, sarcasm, shadow priest, shoes, silence, sleeping in, soulmates, spirituality, stuff, style network, suit up, supernatural, sushi, sweet tea, taco bell, tetris, the beatles, the incredible hulk, the walking dead, thinking, thunderstorms, tulips, twilight series, twins, unconditional love, undead, undead mages, water, wind, winnie the pooh, wit, world of warcraft, writing, yellow, yzma, zombies,